UGANDA, Mt. Elgon, Africanah Specialty, Washed

250g, 20.00 CHF (2.5% VAT included)

350g 28.00 CHF (2.5% VAT included)

The price of the green beans and transport has unfortunately increased substantially and we have partially adjusted the price

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Grade: A+ SCR 16+
Region: Bufupa Mt Elgon
: Busiita Mini Station
: 2100m
: mostly Nyasaland locally known as Bugisu, SL14, SL28
: Washed

We had a contact through our friend and marketing entrepreneur Amaru and her husband Johannes to their friend Dorine. Dorine is a Ugandan entrepreneur with the mission to develop specialty coffee with a social purpose. Through this contact we have a wonderful coffee with nice fruitiness and floral notes.

This coffee is produced by Africanah Specialty Coffee Uganda LTD based in Mbale, Uganda. The company was founded to develop fairly produced Specialty Coffee in the MT. Elgon coffee region by Robert M. Zesaguli and Dorine Khainza. Africanah specialty coffee has been working towards producing specialty coffee with meagre resources from own coffee plantations and a number of smallholder farms in the Mt. Elgon region.

They have been able to work with close to 1200 farmers to help them produce the best quality coffee and connect them with the markets and this has tremendously transformed the livelihoods of the surrounding communities with tremendous development. They provide farmers with monetary premium over market prices as well as farming tools and various training (from good farming practices, soil management, manure application, pest control, post harvest handling, sustainability, community, social and gender equality and equity in business).


The quality of coffee brought onto the market is as a result of the processes and ways the farmers handle it on the farm and after harvest (post-harvest handling) of the cherries, primary processing, drying and storage of parchment beans.

Africanah Specialty Coffee  work therefore hand in hand with over 1200 small holder farmers by collecting and processing the coffee cherries in one place so as to achieve a uniform quality standard and we also monitor their compliance in participation.

The small holder farmers’ groups (SHFGs) are the ‘’building blocs’’ to strive to attain quality and growth. The farmers with small holder farms are organized in groups of 15-20 members and are monitored by one coordinator.

The groups provide a platform for farmers to learn about tackling challenges in coffee farming (agronomic practices) and ways of ensuring higher yields and quality for their coffee efficiently and cost effectively.

We can send you coffee via Swiss Post to Switzerland for 8CHF up to 2kg total weight.

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