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<<Free postal delivery to Switzerland extended to March.>>

Buca delle lettere Svizzera


In Switzerland we use the normal Post system.

  1. Standard Boxes which fit up to 6-7 x250g standard coffee bags – 8CHF
    • for this option put standard coffee bags coffee in your shopping cart then at the end please select this option for shipping
  2. Coffee sent in a special A4 size flat “coffee mail bag” for 2CHF for 250g or 350g of coffee.
    • Each bag is sent separately. For this option select these items with included “mail bag” shipping in your cart.
    • Do not add any further shipping at the end.
  3. If you plan to collect at the roastery please let us know in order to have your coffee ready. In this case put 0CHF shipping at the end of the order.
  4. If you live in the Freilager condominium in Zürich we deliver for free to our neighbours

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  1. hi,
    i was wondering where you source your flat mail coffee bags!? i really like them and was looking for a solution like this for a project.

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