Peru, Lonya Grande, Finca Cascadas de Cueva. Anaerobic, washed.

Peru Lonya Grande, Finca Cascadas de Cueva, Anaerobic Washed

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Farm:Finca Cascadas de Cueva, Germán Carranza
Varietal(s):Villa Sarchi (a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety)
Processing:4 days anaerobic + washing
Producer:Germán Carranza
Town:Lonya Grande
Brewing:Espresso, Filter, French Press, Bialetti/Moka
TasteChocolate, berries, citrus

Germán Carranza represents a new generation of coffee farmers who produce superior quality and consider themselves independent businessmen. He knows that his coffees are rarities.

As a producer and exporter, he can determine to whom he sells and at what price. He knows and controls all processes from the finca to the port.

Villa Sarchi is a pearl among Germán’s rare coffee varieties, a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety, similar to Caturra or Pacas, but with its very own taste profile. It is susceptible to various coffee pests and therefore requires the best care. Fortunately, the noble, sensitive plant is in good hands with Germán’s family. Under the balsa trees, it gets quite a bit of shade and matures slowly. The four-day anaerobic fermentation before washing and drying further enhances the flavour potential. With this coffee, Germán is also playing in the Champions League and has already become known beyond national borders at the Coffee Panel 2021.

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